Jay Schoenfeldt

I’ve been investing in Los Angeles real estate since 2002 and became licensed as an agent in 2005. I became a Broker and started Brick & Mortar Real Estate, my own brokerage company in 2010. In the past 16 years I have navigated the ups and downs of real estate cycles for myself and my clients. In the middle of the downturn, many Brokers shut their doors and found a new career. I did not. I increased my business and made the marketplace work for me; not against me. The world of real estate is a thinking person’s game and I strongly believe in being proactive and staying one step ahead for my clients benefit by overcoming obstacles before they become problems that could jeopardize a transaction.


What’s the best kind of business? 


Return business. I believe in treating my clients fairly. They are the lifeblood of my business. I operate a relationship driven business where human interaction and guidance is just as important as a financial transaction. My goal is to build business relationships that last a lifetime. I’ve been successful in retaining repeat business because of my integrity (no, it’s not an oxymoron in real estate – not with me), sound advice and my knowledge in the local marketplace. When I show clients properties, it is important to give them ALL the facts – that means the pros and the cons. Every buyer/seller should be well-informed, know exactly what they are buying/selling, and risks (and benefits) associated with that purchase or sale.  I prefer to stay out of court.


On the listing side of my business….


Listing Agents vs. Marketing Agents. Which do you want to work for you? Simple listing agents enter information in the computer and wait for their phone to ring. They don’t think. They don’t have a strategy. They are drones. Marketing agents get creative. They strategize. They think out of the box. They offer value. They find the story that every property has and use that story to sell it for the highest possible price in the marketplace. I am a marketing agent. 


Independent Bespoke Brokerage vs. Big Box Brokerage. Starbucks doesn’t make the best coffee and the big real estate companies/teams don’t give you the best personal service. What matters is your individual Agent. Your Agent is the one that will help you or hurt you. It doesn’t matter whether they work for a big brokerage company or a small one. Their guidance and experience is what can either get you involved in an amazing opportunity or the worst nightmare of your life. You should know if an agent/broker is right for you by asking yourself a couple of key questions, like:

1. Do I trust them?

2. Can I communicate with them?

3. Do they listen to me?

4. Do they add value? (i.e. offering suggestions/concepts you haven’t thought of on your own)

5. How long have they been in business?

6. Does their broker carry Errors & Omissions Insurance? (not all do and it’s not a requirement)


Personal Pursuits. I’m passionate about real estate and international travel; I love them both. Trailing interests…..  Cycling. Cross-training. Eating Clean. Skiing. Hiking. Architecture. Design. Tennis.  Trying new things regularly. I absolutely believe in having a good time on this planet; if not, what’s the point? I have a great time when I partake in the world around me. 


Charity Work Is Important to Me. I’ve raised funds for the AIDS/LifeCycle, Alzheimer’s Association, and The Trevor Project. I support KCRW, My Friend’s Place, and National Public Radio, Tailwaggers, Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Trailmixer. 


Family Fun Fact. My great grandmother emigrated from Austria to New York in the early 1900’s. By the time she had my grandfather, she owned the building in Coney Island that the first Nathan’s Hot Dogs was in. My grandfather, as a child, would go collect rent from Nathan’s. Real Estate is in my blood - thank you, Great Grandma Gussie. I have a moral compass - thank you, mom and dad.


Interested in buying or selling; now or later? Let’s talk.